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    I am Jutia Productions. I design and build Web sites with a broad brush. With my considerable coding skills, I can weave together CSS animations with 3D backgrounds, JavaScript applets within frame sets, streaming video with musical accompaniment as well as Photoshop and Illustrator designs. I am a well versed videographer and video editor with expertice in Final Cut Pro. I also dabble in still photography. I have embarked in a rigorous life long self education mission. I honed my graphic skills by enrolling in an intense Web design and coding course at San Francisco's Bay Area Video Coalition (BAVC) in 1999. By the course's end I was teaching streaming media and Flash to the new, incoming BAVC students.

    I am currently Director of Curriculum and Training at OaklandDomingo Vazquez, Principal- Jutia Productions Technology Exchange West . OTXWEST  provides computers and education to Oakland students and their families. I have developed the curriculum for Adult Digital Literacy classes and OTX West Digital Story Telling classes.

    I have served as a consultant for executives on Web development concepts, taught youth at risk at Log Cabin Ranch, the fundamentals of Web design and development with hopes that they take advantage of the vocational potential.

    I taught The EntryNet course at Opnet. EntryNet was an intensive, full time, eight weeks web training course that provided students with system administration, web programming, project management, and job readiness skills. Students focused their technical skills in HTML and XML, Java Script, CCS, image manipulation software (e.g. Illustrator and Photoshop), and other web authoring tools (e.g. Flash, Dreamweaver). Students also completed their own web site and a web development project for a client, thus gaining experience to highlight in their portfolios.

    I am a devoted husband, father and grandfather with a zest for life and the outdoors.


    I have written several software reviews for MacHome magazine that you may view here.

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